A downloadable game

Legend of Whatever is a tile-based RPG with simplified stats, inventory, and combat. It's focused on exploration, treasure hunting, and picking your battles.

The setting is medieval fantasy with [REDACTED].

Currently in development for #lowrezjam 2016

Existing features:

  • Unsatisfactory placeholder title!
  • Single room game with a world map split into quadrants (town, forest, [REDACTED] and mountain)!
  • Adorable sprites and tiles!
  • Expansive NPC dialogue options!
  • Every NPC is a unique character!
  • Hidden collectibles and secrets throughout the game!
  • Satisfaction of saving [REDACTED] and defeating [REDACTED]!
  • Four (4) whole musics!
  • Readable credits!

Planned features:

  • Satisfactory title!
  • More adorable sprites and tiles!
  • 'Cheevos!
  • Bestiary!


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Was it cancelled or I'm just blind and I can't see any download links? I'm trying to test and rate as much #LOWREZJAM games as possible.

Hey, sorry, it wasn't cancelled but due to extenuating circumstances I wasn't able to complete it in time for the jam. I do plan to release it once things are back on track though, but for now it's up in the air.

Thanks heaps for your interest though!